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Celebrating Einstein

Over 100 years ago, Einstein predicted the existence of gravitational waves, and we are just beginning to detect them now. WVU invites you to join in our interdisciplinary celebration to understand the beauty and significance of these new discoveries about our universe.

April 2017

A Shout Across time

The Celebrating Einstein Main Event communicates the beauty and significance of Einstein's theories through danced lecture, symphony performance, and interviews with renowned physicists.

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Einstein Artwork

Visualize artistic interpretations of Einstein's theories through pottery and paintings.

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Einstein in the Schools

Special events for students include field trips to WVU for the theatre performance and options for Science Public Outreach Team (SPOT) ambassadors to visit schools throughout the state.

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Einstein Lectures

Professional physicists, mathematicians, and historians talk about the current work on Einstein's theories and what life was like during the World War era when Einstein lived.

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Einstein Readings

Learn more about Einstein and his theories on your own through suggested reading material for all ages.

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Space Race Fun Run

Experience the relative distances of planets in our solar system as you run along the Space Race course. Perfect for all ages and sponsored by Girls on the Run.

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WVSGC Logo Celebrating Einstein was originally produced by Montana State University and the eXtreme Gravity Institute. The West Virginia Celebrating Einstein event is sponsored through NSF award number 1458952, the WVU Department of Physics & Astronomy, the WVU School of Theatre & Dance, the West Virginia Space Grant Consortium, and the WVU Eberly College of Arts & Sciences.